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No, Honestly (TV)

Written by
Charlotte Bingham & Terence Brady
Starring John Alderton, Pauline Collins
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Back in the early 70s, PBS* would fill their Saturday evenings with UK Sitcoms. Some, like Fawlty Towers, were classic. Others, like Are You Being Served were extremely popular (for some reason). But others were forgotten. No, Honestly is one of the good ones, and is definitely forgotten.
It’s basically the history of the romance and marriage of Charles “C.D.” Danby (John Alderton) and his wife Clara (Pauline Collins). Each show would begin with the two of them addressing the audience, introducing themselves and various incidents in their relationship in their earlier years.** Then, we’d be shown the incident in a long flashback, before returning to the older version of themselves to wrap up the show.
C.D. was an aspiring actor with a quick wit and a clear affection for Clara almost at their first meeting.***  Clara was a little bit ditzy, with a tendency to say things that seemed like nonsense until she explained it.
The pair was very reminiscent of Burns and Allen, though without the Vaudeville trappings.  Alderton did have some of Burns’s dry humor and Collins was a more grounded version of Gracie. The show acknowledged the debt by having Alderson end the show by saying “Say goodnight, Clara.”
The stories involved issues of the usual bumps in a relationship. A favorite of mine was when he went to meet Clara’s parents after discovering he was a Lord. He was terribly intimidated by the imposing figure but did manage to bond a bit with the Lordship’s gardener. Of course, the imposing figure was the family butler, and the gardener was his Lordship himself, but the mistaken identity was handled with charm and a lack of embarrassment for embarrassment's sake.
The writing team of Charlotte Bingham & Terence Brady were married, too, which helped with the rapport between the characters. And the show’s theme song became a big hit in the UK for Lydsey De Paul.
Collin was especially charming in the role. She had previously gained notice in Upstairs Downstairs and has continued acting, most notably in the movie version of the play Shirley Valentine, which got her an Oscar nomination.
Alderton also was on Upstairs, Downstairs and continued working in British TV afterwards. The show was a lovely portrayal of what a marriage should look like.
*At least in my area
**C.J. and Clara were portrayed as being married ten years when they started talking about the early days.
***Alderton and Collins were married – they still are – so a lot of the affection was real.

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Mike Doran said...

Just for fun:
When Charlotte Bingham published her first book in 1963, she came to the USA to appear on To Tell The Truth, accompanied by two impostors.
The show aired live on CBS, on April 29, 1963.
You may find it at YouTube; Charlotte Bingham appears in the second game, roughly eight minutes into the show.
Happy hunting!