Sunday, July 21, 2019

Rescue 8

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Created by
Robert G. Walker and Herbert B. Leonard
Starring: Jim Davis, Lang Jeffries
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When I was growing up, my TV options were limited to two channels:  Channel 3 (WTIC, CBS) and Channel 8 (WNHC*, ABC). And one of the shows I remember watching back then always intrigued me because it contained the same number as one of them:  Rescue 8.

The syndicated show was one of several the station ran at 7:00 pm, just before prime time. As its title implies, it was about rescue unit #8 of the Los Angeles Fire Department. Much like the later show Emergency, it showed people accidentally getting into dangerous situations, where Wes Cameron (Jim David) and Skip Johnson (Lang Jeffries) would come in to extricate them from near disaster.

The show went into the backstory, showing the events leading to calling the Rescue squad.  The issues would be big and sometimes small and Wes and Skip** would come on the scene to save the day. The problems included complications that made simple rescues more difficult.

Two seasons were made, and it remained in syndication for several more years.  Jim Davis later went on to play Jock Ewing on Dallas.

*Both channels have changed their call letters.

**Often without backup

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